Eye Drops Filling Production Line

Eye Drops Filling Production Line Introduction:

The eye drops filling production line is composed of six main parts: unscramble bottles, conveying, sterile purified gas washing bottles, filling, inserting inner plugs, and screwing outer caps. The eye drops filling line is mainly used to complete the procedures of unscramble, infusion, air washing, metering and filling, plugging, capping, and screwing of eye drops bottles.

Eye Drops Filling Production Line

The entire eye drops filling production process is completed under 100-level laminar flow protection and aseptic isolation, and each area is isolated and protected to ensure the aseptic production of eye drops. The filling line complies with the new national GMP requirements. The eye drops filling production line is not only for filling eye drops, but also suitable for the production of other small-volume plastic bottle products.

System Components of Eye Drops Filling Line:

1. Store bottles, automatic bottle unscramble system;
2. Static elimination, air washing bottle system;
3. Elimination of static electricity, air washing plug cover system;
4. Precision ceramics, filling and separating system;

Eye Drops Filling Production Line
5. Vacuum suction plug and plug system;
6. The manipulator grasping and capping system;
7. Constant magnetic torque, positioning and capping system;
8. Hundred-level laminar flow protection aseptic system.

Mature Cutting-edge Technology of Eye Drops Filling Line:

1. The advanced PLC programmable control system realizes the full automatic control operation of the whole line;
2. The ultra-high design between the bottle surface and the countertop prevents the hundred-level laminar flow from flowing back on the bottle mouth. The contour design of all the parts on the countertop is easy to clean, and there is no dead angle in hygiene. Each functional station of the equipment is fully operated under laminar flow protection, and fully meets GMP requirements;
3. Automatic bottle unscramble mechanism, arc design, whether it is round bottle or flat bottle, can realize online unmanned operation, and the efficiency is 100%;

Eye Drops Filling Production Line
4. Sterile purification gas to wash the bottle, inner plug and outer cover, ion wind static electricity to eliminate static electricity attached to the bottle, inner plug and outer cover, linear air washing and bottle separation device,-way air blowing,-way back suction , To ensure the cleanliness of the bottle, inner plug and outer cap;

5. The advanced ceramic pump dispensing mechanism is convenient and reliable for disassembly, cleaning, disinfection and sterilization; the drive adopts a servo motor, and the touch screen adjusts the measurement; the advanced separation and card bottle mouth alignment device ensures 100% insertion of the canned needle The bottle mouth performs filling and no bottle falling and other abnormal situations occur;

Eye Drops Filling Machine
6. Advanced manipulator vacuum grasping inner plug tracking and positioning upper inner plug device and manipulator grasping outer cover tracking and positioning upper outer cover rotating outer cover integrated design mechanism, stable and reliable operation; capping head adopts magnetic torque adjustable tightening force device, which can The requirements of different covers are applicable. Both the upper inner plug and the screw outer cover adopt a continuous rotary structure to ensure production efficiency;

7. The transmission components of the eye drops filling machine are mainly gears and lever linkages with slow beat transmission to ensure the stability and reliability of the equipment operation. The whole machine is almost no noise;
8. The main electrical appliances, optical fiber and pneumatic components are all imported products.

Efficient and Energy-saving Effect of Eye Drops Filling Line:

1. The unique multi-function of unscramble, bottle washing, filling, capping, capping and capping of the eye drops filling line-the machine design, the production line has a small footprint, which minimizes the purification space and greatly reduces the production Purification cost;

2. The eye drops filling machine operation process uses a large number of mechanical, electrical, and gas-physical PLC control systems, which improves the stability of the equipment operation process and greatly improves the product qualification rate. Cooperate with high-efficiency and energy-saving frequency converter to realize stepless speed regulation of the motor, which greatly saves energy;

Eye Drops Filling Production Line
3. The parts that have frictional movement between each other are made of powder metallurgy, engineering plastics and other materials, which have excellent high temperature resistance, wear resistance, and self-lubricating performance, which can effectively reduce the wear during the movement and reduce the replacement of vulnerable parts;
4. The equipment has a switching program. Adjusting the height of part of the track can realize the adjustment of specifications, reducing the time for manual adjustment, cleaning and changing specifications;
5. Low starting current, small starting torque and high power factor throughout the speed range.

The Safe, Reliable and Reliable Products of The Eye Drops Production Line:

1. Due to the PLC control system integrating machine, electricity and gas, the operation is safe and reliable, the failure rate is low, and the operation and maintenance costs are extremely low;
2. The eye drops filling production line is equipped with an automatic overload protection function, which automatically shuts down when a fault occurs, and some electrical faults are displayed on the man-machine interface;
3. The equipment has a switching program to realize the adjustment of specifications, avoid artificial pollution of the equipment operating environment, and effectively achieve aseptic operation in the isolation chamber;

Eye Drops Filling Machine
4. Linear action, no turbulence of 100-level laminar flow protection wind, and effective realization of aseptic production process;
5. Inverted bottle rejection, no bottle shutdown protection, waiting for automatic start, no inner plug and no outer cover, unqualified product rejection, counting and automatic interlock protection of front and rear machines.

Eye Drops Filling Line Details:

ST-QX-8 Eye Drop Roller Bottle Washing Machine 1、ST-QX-8 Eye Drop Roller Bottle Washing Machine

The eye drop roller bottle washing machine is suitable for cleaning the inside and outside of the 30-500ml round bottles of various materials and the shoulder holder shaped bottles. Using two different gas (tap, ionized water, oil-free compressed air) sequential flushing, so that the bottle meets the production process requirements. And preliminarily blow dry the bottle.
2、ST-SDHX-3500 Eye Drop Tunnel Hot Air Circulation Sterilization Oven

The eye drops tunnel-type hot-air circulation sterilization oven is an integral tunnel-type structure, divided into three parts: a preheating zone, a high-temperature sterilization zone, and a cooling zone. It uses the principle of hot air laminar flow disinfection to sterilize the container for a short time. It is suitable for drying and sterilizing ampoules, antibiotic bottles, oral liquid bottles, and also for drying and sterilizing other medicinal glass bottles.
The machine adopts the advanced PLCAtf1 interface control system, controlled by the man-machine interface, in addition to monitoring the working conditions of the machine and ensuring the requirements of the production process, it can also implement joint control of the working conditions with the cleaning equipment and potting equipment to display the cause, location and Simple elimination methods, etc. And it can also automatically record temperature and graphs.
ST-SDHX-3500 Oral Liquid Tunnel Hot Air Circulation Sterilization Oven
ST-LP Automatic Oral Liquid Bottle Unscrambler

3、ST-LP Eye Drops Automatic Bottle Unscrambler

The eye drops automatic bottle unscrambler is suitable for automatic unscrambled plastic bottles in the pharmaceutical industry. This model has a reasonable structure. Suitable for round bottles of 5ml to 200ml; the exterior of the unscrambler is made of 304 stainless steel; the whole machine meets GMP requirements. The machine has stable transmission and no air source pollution. When working, the noise is low, the loss is low, the work is stable, and the output is stable. This machine has the functions of a bottle unscrambler with more bottles, a bottle unscrambler with more bottles, an unscrambler with fewer bottles, and a bottle picker with fewer bottles. Can be interconnected with supporting equipment.

4、Eye Drops Filling Machine

The eye drops filling machine is a special equipment for the pharmaceutical and health food industries. The automatic eye drops filling machine has stable quality and easy operation. It adopts a PLC control system integrating machine, electricity and gas, which is safe and reliable in operation, low in failure rate, and extremely low in operation and maintenance costs.

Eye drops filling machine
ST-TJGZ-4 Eye Drop Filling and Capping Machine

5、ST-TJGZ-4 Eye Drop Filling and Capping Machine

The eye drops filling, plugging and capping machine is suitable for filling various types of bottles, such as 30-500ml glass bottles or plastic bottles, with inner stopper, outer cover and sealing.
It adopts linear filling, mechanical stoppering, upper outer cover, rolling (spinning) cover. The machine is simple to operate, small in area, and easy to maintain. And the production equipment before and after can form a production line.

6、ST-TB-80 Eye Drops Vertical Self-adhesive Labeling Machine

The eye drops labeling machine is suitable for labeling round bottles and round objects in various industries. It adopts step or servo motor control and imported touch screen. Accurate labeling, small error and high efficiency. Equipped with fault and numerical alarm device (optional), connected to the printer can output shift production records, and can automatically monitor the production status.

ST-TB-80 Eye Drops Vertical Self-adhesive Labeling Machine

Technical Parameters of Eye Drops Filling Line:

Applicable Specifications 5-15ml Plastic Bottle, Bottle Inner Stopper and Outer Cap
Production Capacity 160-200 Bottles Per Minute
Number of Filling Heads 12 Heads
Air Wash Hair Number 12 Heads
Number of Plug Heads 18 Heads
Number of Capping Heads 18 Heads
Measurement Accuracy ≤±1%
Bottle Cleaning Pass Rate 100%
Upper Plug Qualification Rate ≥99.8%
Qualified Rate of Capping ≥99.8%
Compressed Air Consumption 15m³/h 0.6-0.8MPa
Total Power 6KW 380V(220V) 50HZ
Machine Net Weight 4800KG
Dimensions (Length * Width * Height) 9500*2150*2000(Non-Laminar Flow Hood)

Eye Drops Filling Line Video: