Plastic Round Bottle Eye Drops Filling Machine Introduction:

Plastic round bottle eye drops filling machine is suitable for 2-30ml round bottle filling and is widely applied to eye drops, nasal drops, ear drops and other formulations. It adopts high-precision cam structure to complete filling, plug feeding, cap feeding and capping.

Plastic Round Bottle Eye Drops Filling Machine

Features of Eye Drops Filling Machine:

PLC programmable control, touch screen human-machine interface system, simple and convenient operation;
Accurate filling measurement, no leakage, no filling if there is no bottle;
The eye drops filling equipment has accurate positioning, stable transmission, accurate and simple measurement;
Automatic outer cap, no bottle, no inner stopper, outer cap;
The inner plug hopper and the outer cover hopper adopt single rail or double rail feeding, depending on the user’s output.

Eye Drops Bottling and Capping Machine Parameter:

Applicable specifications 5-15ml plastic bottles, bottle plugs and outer caps
Production capacity 160 – 200bottles/minute
Filling heads 12heads
Heads for air washing 12heads
Pressure plug heads 18heads
Capping heads 18heads
Measuring accuracy ≤1%
Bottle cleaning pass rate 100%
Pass rate of plugging ≥99.8%
Capping pass rate ≥99.8%
Compressed air consumption 15m³/h 0.6-0.8MPa
Total power 6KW 380V(220V) 50HZ
Machine net weight 4800KG
Overall dimensions (length*width*height) 9500*2150*2000 (not suitable for laminar flow hood)

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