Product introduction

The syrup filling production line is suitable for the bottle filling production line of liquids such as syrups, oral liquids, lotions, pesticides, solvents, etc. in the pharmaceutical, food, pesticide, chemical and other industries. The whole line can complete automatic bottle unscrambling, air washing, plunger filling, capping, aluminum foil sealing, labeling, etc. The syrup filling machine has the function of no bottle filling, reasonable design, compact structure, easy operation and maintenance, and GMP standard.

(oral liquid filling line) includingsuspension filling line consist production plant; washing,liquid filling, capping and labeling machines.

All machinesaligned together to work as one complete system.Conveyors of machines connected with each other foruntouched automatic operations hence it is also calledAutomatic syrup Filling Line.

Syrup Manufacturing Plants are ideal tools for the pharmaceutical industry for the production oforal Liquids. lt is specially designed to take care of two critical factors which directly affect thequality of the Liquids. Minimum manual handling of Liquid and effective cleanness duringmanufacturing.

Syrup Filling Production Line

Features of Syrup Filling Production Line:

1. Electrical components use well-known brands.
2. The operation of the syrup filling machine is intuitive and convenient, no bottle is not filled, and the measurement is accurate.
3. Ensure that the seal is firm and beautiful.
4. Made according to GMP standard.

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