Cabinet Type Hot Air Circulation Sterilization Oven Introduction:

Cabinet type hot air circulation sterilization oven generally has heating tubes. The cabinet-type hot air circulation sterilization oven is mainly used to dry, sterilize and remove heat sources of glass bottles. It consists of a preheating section, a high temperature section, a cooling section and an electrical control section. composition. Ovens with circulating fans can be called hot air circulation ovens, because no matter what the structure of the oven is, whether the wind direction is horizontal or vertical, in the final analysis, hot air is circulating inside, so they can all be called hot air circulation ovens. The clean empty bottles after cleaning are sent to the bottle pusher from the conveyor line. After the bottles on the bottle pusher are full, the bottle pusher pushes them into the tunnel oven. The oven is divided into three areas: initial temperature, high temperature and cooling, equipped with medium-efficiency , high-efficiency filter, the tunnel oven temperature is adjustable from room temperature to 250°C, the entire drying time is about 25 minutes, reaching 100-level purification, fully complying with GMP requirements.


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