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Food Filling Line: Sauce Filling Machine / Honey Filling Production Line / Chili Paste Bottling Equipment / Pickle Filling Line / Food Powder Filling Machine

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Cooking Oil Filling Machine


Oil Filling Production Line / Cooking Filling Machine / Olive Oil Bottling Equipment

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Pharmaceutical Filling Equipment


Pharmaceutical Filling Equipment: Oral Liquid Filling Machine / Syrup Filling Line / Eye Drops Filling Production Line / Medical Powder Bottling Machine

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Chemical Filling Equipment


5-200L Automatic Chemical Weighing Filling Production Line: Lubricating Oil / Water-based Ink / Paint / Coating / Chemical Additives Filling Machine

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Complete Filling Production Line Solution

Sunter Machinery specializes in the production of various filling machinery and complete sets of production lines, including food processing lines: cannned food production lines, honey filling lines, sauce processing production lines, fruit beverage filling machines, etc., pharmaceutical filling machines: oral liquid filling lines, syrup filling machines, eye drops production lines, etc., daily chemical and industrial filling lines: hand sanitizer filling machines, shower gel filling equipment, 5L-200L complete weighing and filling production lines, etc.

Filling Machine Solution

Recommended Filling Machine Equipment

Sunter provides a variety of filling machinery types, can customize complete sets of production line equipment according to customer requirements, and provides turnkey projects.

Honey Filling Machine

Honey filling machine is suitable for filling high viscosity materials, such as honey, honey grapefruit tea, jam, maltose syrup, fructose syrup, baking syrup, flavored syrup, honey lemon tea, honey flower nectar and other products.

>>Honey Grapefruit Tea Filling Line

>>Semi-automatic Honey Bottling Machine

>>Glass Bottle Maltose Syrup Filling Line

Chili Sauce Filling Machine

The chili sauce filling machine is an automatic filling equipment specially used for chili sauce and is used in the chili sauce production line in the food processing industry.

>>Soybean Paste Filling Machine

>>Seafood Sauce Filling Machine

>>Automatic Mushroom Sauce Filling Production Line

>>Automatic BBQ Sauce Filling and Capping Machine

High-speed Peanut Butter Filling and Sealing Machine

The high-speed peanut butter filling and sealing machine is a new generation of filling machine developed by our company based on foreign advanced technology.

>>Sesame Sauce Filling and Capping Machine

>>Glass Bottle Salad Dressing Filling Machine

>>Ketchup Production Line

>>Automatic Tomato Sauce Filling Machine

>>Automatic Jam Bottle Filling Machine

Pickle Filling Machine

The pickle filling machine is a key equipment specially used in the pickle production process, which can realize the automatic filling and sealing of pickle. pickle is a widely loved traditional food with a unique taste and flavor on the table.


Canned Yellow Peach Production Line

In addition to canned yellow peaches, the canned yellow peach production line can also produce canned fruits such as canned strawberries, canned hawthorns, canned oranges, and canned canned vegetables such as canned cabbage, canned cucumbers, and canned mushrooms.

>>Canned Orange Production Line

>>Strawberry Canned Production Line

>>Canned Pineapple Production Line

Canned Mushroom Production Line

The canned mushroom production line is suitable of cucumbers, mushrooms, tomatoes, etc, including the filling production of glass bottles or cans. The canned food processing line produced by Sunter machinery not only includes vegetables but also fruits, meat, fish and beans, etc.

>>Canned Cucumber Production Line

>>Canned Corn Production Line

>>Canned Beans Production Line

Canned Luncheon Meat Production Line

Canned luncheon meat production line is mainly used for quantitative canning of luncheon meat, corned beef, ham luncheon meat, etc.

>>Canned Braised Pork Production Line

>>Canned Beef Production Line

Canned Sardines Processing Line

The canned sardines processing line is suitable for processing and producing cans of various fish, such as sardines, tuna, small yellow croaker, etc.


Cooking Oil Filling Machine

The cooking oil filling machine is a kind of equipment specially used for filling cooking oil products.

>>100-2000ML Vegetable Oil Filling Machine

Glass Bottle Olive Oil Filling Machine

The glass bottle olive oil filling machine adopts PLC microcomputer programmable control, integrating light, machine, electricity, sensing and pneumatic execution. Glass bottle olive oil filling machine is suitable for filling various edible oils other than olive oil, such as peanut oil, sesame oil, rapeseed oil, etc.


Lubricating Oil Filling Machine

The lubricating oil filling production line is suitable for the filling needs of large barrel-shaped liquid products, such as lubricating oil, grease, etc.


Grease Filling Machine

Grease filling machine adopts flow metering filling principle, which is suitable for filling various specifications (1-5 liters) of grease, antifreeze, glass water, lubricating oil and other products.


Oral Liquid Filling Machine

The oral liquid filling machine is suitable for the production of oral liquid bottles with different specifications such as 2-25ml.

>>Plastic Bottle Oral Liquid Filling Machine

>>Glass Bottle Oral Liquid Filling Machine

Eye Drops Filling Machine

Jiangyin Sunter Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in food filling machinery, pharmacetical filling line, chemical filling machine

>>Plastic Round Bottle Eye Drops Filling Machine

>>Aseptic Eye Drops Bottling and Capping Machine

Syrup Oral Liquid Filling Machine

Syrup oral liquid filling machine is an automated production equipment, mainly used for manufacturing oral liquid, syrup and other fluid drugs. The machine can automatically complete measuring, mixing, conveying, filling, sealing and other processes, greatly improving production efficiency and product quality.

>>Plastic Bottle Syrup Filling Machine Equipment

>>Glass Bottle Maltose Syrup Filling Line

>>3-10L Fructose Syrup Filling Production Line

Other Medical Filling Machine

The syrup filling production line is suitable for the bottle filling production line of liquids such as syrups, oral liquids, lotions, pesticides, solvents, etc.

>>Vial Powder Needle Filling Machine

>>Specimen Reagent Tube Filling Machine

>>Tincture Filling Machine

Automatic Shampoo Filling Machine

This automatic shampoo filling machine is a kind of full anti-corrosion type, PLC program control, photoelectric sensing, pneumatic execution, bottle washing, filling and capping developed by our company. It is specially designed for the irrigation of corrosive liquid chemicals.


Alcohol Disinfectant Filling Machine

The alcohol disinfectant filling machine adopts the bottleneck transmission technology to realize the automatic rinsing, filling and capping process with a high degree of automation. Most of the electrical system parts of the filling machine are made of foreign products and parts in contact with liquids.


Automatic Single-head Paste Filling Machine

The automatic single-head paste filling machine belongs to the linear filling and rotating (rolling) capping machine. It is our company’s traditional series of filling and sealing equipment.


5-10L Weighing Filling Production Line

The 5-10L weighing filling production line machinery manufactured by Sunter Machinery is widely applicable to weighing and measuring filling of 5-10L, and can automatically complete counting into barrels, weighing and measuring filling, automatic cap sorting, tracking capping machine, automatic labeling Machines, inkjet printers, automatic stackers, palletizers, automatic wrapping and other full-process production.


About Sunter Machinery

Jiangyin Sunter Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in food filling machinery, pharmacetical filling line, chemical filling machine, etc. Including: honey, chili sauce, thick sauce, pickle, oil, food powder, etc food filling machinery; oral liquid, eye drops, medical powder, etc pharmacetical filling line; lubricating oil, detergent, disinfectant, etc chemical filling machine...

Why We're Different

We understand the needs of the filling machine, which will provide you with the best service.
Years of experience in R & D of filling line;
International standardized production;
More than ten senior engineers in industry;
Customer first and honest service.

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In order to allow customers to better and more intuitively understand the operation of our equipment, Shuangte often updates and releases test machine videos of related products and customer on-site videos. If you want to know more, you can contact us to communicate.

The Great Project We Did

Honey Filling Line

Honey Filling Production Line

Automatic honey filling production line is specially made for all kinds of viscosity materials, such as honey, syrup, ketchup, peanut butter, jam, salad dressing etc...

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Chili Sauce Filling Line

Chili Sauce Filling Production Line

Chili sauce filling production line is suitable for chili sauce, spicy sauce, beef sauce, mushroom sauce, seafood sauce, garlic sauce etc...

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Pharmaceutical Filling Line

Pharmaceutical Filling Production Line

This pharmaceutical filling production line is mainly used in pharmaceutical, healthcare products such as oral liquid, syrup, liquor, healthcare product, tincture in different viscosrty packing...

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Daily Chemical Filling Line

Daily Chemical Filling Production Line

Daily chemical filling production line is widely used in the filling of food, cosmetics, medicine, grease, daily chemicals, detergents, pesticides, chemicals and other industries. It is suitable for viscous liquids such as laundry detergent, shampoo, hand soap, disinfectant etc...

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Weighing Filling Line

Weighing Filling Production Line

Weighing filling production line can be applied to oil realm such as edible oil, lubricating oil and agrochemicals etc...

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Our Work Process

Over the course of more than 25 years of hard work with many large and small projects. We have worked out the best working process.

Business negotiation and filling machine scheme

Field investigation and filling equipment layout

Installation, debugging filler and user training

After sales service and filling machinery parts supply