ST-LP Automatic Unscrambler Introduction:

ST-LP automatic unscrambler is suitable for 5-200ml plastic round bottle automatically unscrambling in pharmaceutical industry. The structure is reasonable; The surface is made of SS304; The machine is compliant with GMP requirement. The transmission is stable, there is no air contamination. When working, the noise is small, the loss is low, the work is stable, and the output is stable.

ST-LP Automatic Unscrambler
The machine has fucntion that surplus bottle, stop the unscrambler, surplus bottle stop the elevator, short bottle, turn on unscrambler, and short bottle, turn on elevator. It can be in line with other equipment.

Automatic Unscrambler Parameter:

Adpoted Bottle Size Porduction Capacity Power Supply Power Overall Size
3-25ml 40-130b/min 220V 50Hz 0.09kw 1000 x 1600 x 1650mm
30-50ml 80-150b/min 220V 50Hz 0.12kw 1170 x 1800 x 1650mm
60-80ml 80-150b/min 220V 50Hz 0.5kw 1200 x 1900 x 1650mm
60-100ml 100-160b/min 220V 50Hz 0.5kw 1400 x 2320 x 1650mm
120-300ml 120-200b/min 220V 50Hz 0.5kw 1650 x 2660 x 1650mm

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