Introduction to Linear Bottle Washing Machine:

The linear bottle washing machine is a new generation of double row intermittent chain rail bottle washing machine developed by combining the advantages of various bottle washing machines at home and abroad. It adopts two cycles of circulating water tracking washing and one clean water tracking internal and external washing, and rotates 360 degrees to clean. The entire machine is fully enclosed, safe and hygienic.

Features of Linear Bottle Washing Equipment:

1. Fast and thorough cleaning.
2. The production capacity of the linear bottle washing machinery can be adjusted arbitrarily within 6000 bottles per hour.
3. Equipped with a circulating water tank, pressure pump, and water filtration facilities, the circulating water can be reused to ensure clean water quality and prevent nozzle blockage, saving water.
4. The exposed parts that come into contact with the liquid are all made of stainless steel and nylon, and the hood adopts a fully enclosed combination design, which is convenient for operation and inspection and meets food hygiene standards.


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