10ml High Speed Eye Drops Bottle Filling and Packing Line Introduction:

This 10ml high speed eye drops bottle filling and packing line is used for eye drop filling, capping, labeling, cartoning, etc. The filling capacity can be customized with different filling heads. You can choose to equip with unscramble, labeler and cartoner. Of course we can also customize the machine for filling other liquid.

The eye drops filling equipment adopts PLC computer control design. The metering system adopts piston pump filling or peristaltic pump filling or ceramic pump filling. Servo drive motor, automatic filling, stopper picking and placing, cap picking and placing, servo motor driven capping. The speed of eye drops production equipment can meet 100-150 bottles/minute.

10ml High Speed Eye Drops Bottle Filling and Packing Line

Features of 10ml Eye Drop Filling Line:

The device has a switching program. The specifications can be adjusted by adjusting the height of part of the track, which reduces the time for manual adjustment, cleaning and replacement of specifications.
The eye drops filling machine operation process makes extensive use of mechanical, electrical, and gas PLC control systems, which improves the stability of the equipment during operation and greatly improves the product qualification rate.

The parts that have friction with each other are made of powder metallurgy, engineering plastics and other materials. They have excellent high temperature resistance, wear resistance and self-lubricating properties, which can effectively reduce wear during movement and reduce the replacement of wearing parts.
The starting current is low, the starting torque is small, and the power factor is high throughout the speed range.

Eye Drops Bottling and Capping Machine Parameter:

Applicable specifications 5-15ml plastic bottles, bottle plugs and outer caps
Production capacity 160 – 200bottles/minute
Filling heads 12heads
Heads for air washing 12heads
Pressure plug heads 18heads
Capping heads 18heads
Measuring accuracy ≤1%
Bottle cleaning pass rate 100%
Pass rate of plugging ≥99.8%
Capping pass rate ≥99.8%
Compressed air consumption 15m³/h 0.6-0.8MPa
Total power 6KW 380V(220V) 50HZ
Machine net weight 4800KG
Overall dimensions (length*width*height) 9500*2150*2000 (not suitable for laminar flow hood)

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