ST-LS-80 Series Vertical Ultrasonic Washing Machine Intrpduction:

ST-LS-80 series vertical ultrasonic washing machine is suitable for washing tube bottles or molded antibiotic bottles of pharmaceutical plants. The machine also can be used for washing injection ampoules and oral liquid bottles. The washing equipment is a new product successfully researched and developed by our company after years of efforts through digesting and absorbing domestic and overseas technologies while taking considerations of our national industry conditions. With advantages of advanced technology, simplified structure, stable and reliable running, little noise, being easy to operate and clean.

ST-LS-80 Series Vertical Ultrasonic Washing Machine

According to customer requirements. it can also be equipped with the following:

Control system of such brands as Siemens, Schneider, Mitsubishi, Delta, and etc;
Water pressure, air pressure, water temperature, ultrasonic strength, dust particles and wind speed online inspection,alarming, recording and printing systems.


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