Introduction of Tunnel Hot Air Circulation Sterilization Oven:

The tunnel hot air circulation sterilization oven is mainly used for the sterilization and drying of glass bottles. After cleaning, the clean empty bottles are sent to the bottle pusher by the conveyor line. After the bottles on the bottle pusher are full, the bottle pusher is pushed into the tunnel oven. The oven is divided into three areas: initial temperature, high temperature, and cooling, with medium efficiency ,High efficiency filter. The temperature of the tunnel oven is adjustable from room temperature to 250°C; and the entire drying time is about 25 minutes, reaching level 100 purification, which fully meets GMP requirements. The sterilized and dried bottles are conveyed by the mesh belt of the tunnel oven and enter the next bottle supply station.

Tunnel Hot Air Circulation Sterilization Oven

Tunnel Hot Air Circulation Sterilization Oven:

The tunnel-type hot air circulation sterilization oven adopts the principle of air purification and the quartz tube infrared heating process to heat and sterilize the bottles. The entrance and exit of the tunnel are protected by purified air to form an air curtain at the tunnel entrance to prevent outside air pollution. The purification device adopts a negative pressure sealing form, which is beneficial to simplify installation. At the same time; the machine is also equipped with a special device to continuously update the air in the high temperature area; which conforms to GMP regulations. The laminar air in the preheating and cooling section of the machine can be taken from indoor air or user ducted air.

The constant temperature method of the heating device breaks the basic heating method of flow transfer; adopts the synchronous power adjustment method to achieve the purpose of constant temperature; and the temperature is uniform and reliable.

The electrical control of the whole machine adopts PLC as the control core, digital temperature controller for temperature control; and variable frequency stepless speed regulation. Two exhaust fans are installed in the lower part of the tunnel to respectively control the exhaust air volume of the inlet and outlet sections to discharge warm air and prevent hot air from flowing back.

A production line composed of a tunnel-type hot air circulation sterilization oven and a bottle unscrambler; a bottle washing machine, a filling machine, a capping machine, a labeling machine, etc., can be applied to the thick sauce filling production line; the pickle filling production line, Mustard mustard filling production line; edible oil filling production line, chili sauce filling production line and other filling production lines.


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