XG-ZK-Z Fully Automatic Linear Vacuum Capping Machine Introduction:

The XG-ZK-Z fully automatic linear capping machine is mainly used for vacuum capping of three-, four- and six-iron caps of glass jars. It uses two belts with different speeds to press the caps. Because the speeds of the two belts are different, the caps are rubbed. Tighten to achieve the purpose of capping. Before automatic capping, blow steam to heat the bottle mouth, blow out the cold air, replace it with high-temperature steam, and cap it immediately. According to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, the steam will naturally form a vacuum in the bottle when it cools down, achieving the goal of vacuum capping. Purpose. The automatic capping machine can be combined with the thick sauce filling machine, honey filling machine, and chili sauce filling machine to form a set of fully automatic filling equipment, which is a powerful helper for modern condiment companies. The steam injection vacuum capping machine is a kind of food packaging equipment that mainly performs capping, vacuuming and steam injection processing on the containers.

Capping Machine Features:

1. It adopts air bag type fully sealed vacuum structure and screw-type capping principle. The vacuum degree can be set as needed.
2. It integrates automatic bottle feeding, automatic cap sorting, automatic capping, automatic vacuuming, automatic capping, and automatic bottle discharging. It has fast production speed, high efficiency, and stable and reliable operation.

XG-ZK-Z Fully Automatic Linear Vacuum Capping Machine
3. It is mainly composed of bottle conveying mechanism, cap sorting mechanism, cap hanging mechanism, bottle cap pre-tightening mechanism, vacuum system, cap screwing mechanism, electronic control mechanism, etc. It has a high degree of automation, reasonable and compact design, and easy operation.
4. The frame, components and shell are mainly made of cast aluminum parts. They have beautiful appearance, are easy to clean, and meet food hygiene requirements.
5. Photoelectric sensors, proximity sensors, etc. all use advanced sensing components to ensure the functions of no cap feeding without bottle, bottle jam, automatic shutdown alarm for lack of cap, etc., thereby ensuring the reliability of automatic capping.
6. Applicable bottle shapes include round, square, various special shapes, etc., with strong applicability.

Vacuum Capping Machine Parameter:

Dimensions 3000mm (length)*1100mm (width)*2000mm (height)
Total Power 3KW
Cap Specifications Bottle height 65mm-260mm Bottle diameter φ30-φ85mm
Power Supply AC220V 50HZ
Equipped with Steam Steam pressure ≤ 0.4MPA, steam demand (182-227)
Vacuum inside the Bottle 66cm-1HG
Production Capacity (80-150) bottles/minute
Net Weight 1100KG

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