Auto Capping Machine and Sealing Machine Introduction:

Auto capping machine and sealing machine is both types of packaging machinery. Their function is to automatically complete the product packaging process, improve production efficiency, and reduce labor costs.

The auto capping machine and sealing machine is mainly suitable for packaging bottled products, such as beverage bottles, medicine bottles, etc. It can automatically tighten the bottle cap, making the product more sealed, hygienic and easy to store. Automatic capping machines usually consist of a manipulator and a capping head. The manipulator grabs the bottle, then aligns the capping head with the bottle mouth, and tightens the bottle cap through rotation and pressure.

The sealing machine is mainly used to seal packaging materials at the mouth of the container to ensure product sealing and prevent contamination. Common sealing machines include heat sealing machines and ultrasonic sealing machines. Thermal sealing machine uses heating to seal packaging materials together, while ultrasonic sealing machine uses ultrasonic vibration and pressure to seal packaging materials together.

The advantages of these packaging machines are high efficiency, accuracy and reliability, which can greatly improve production efficiency and product quality. At the same time, the design and operation of these machines are becoming increasingly simpler and more convenient, making their use and maintenance easier.Auto Capping Machine and Sealing Machine-1

Automatic Vacuum Capping Machine Features:

1. High-pression of cap placing, screwing.
2. Simple structure, easy to operate and maintain.
3. Turntable position, easy to change norm, with large adjusting range.
4. Magnetic moment capping head, the tightening can be adjusted, never damage caps.
5. There is supporting equipment in the capping head, to make sure the correction of screwing cap.
6. Send-in and send-out bottle smoothly, frequency speed control
7. Continuous working, finish auto capping, save time, and raise efficiency.
8. The whole machine meet GMP requirement.


Auto Capping Machine and Sealing Machine-2

Technical Parameters:

Suitable diameter of cap
Suitable height of bottle
Suitable shape of bottle
Round bottles, square bottles etc.
380V 50HZ

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