Glass Bottle Jar Capping Machine Introduction:

Glass bottle jar capping machine is suitable for seasoning, canned food, tomato sauce, chili sauce, etc., all of which are packaged in the most environmentally friendly glass bottles, and have vacuum in the bottle. Cap closure for higher demand glass bottles.
Glass bottle jar capping machine is suitable for the screw cap and sealing of round and special-shaped glass bottles. Glass jar capping machine is the most popular vacuum capping machine on the market, and is the first choice for all food factories and canneries.

Glass Bottle Jar Capping Machine

Glass Bottle Capping Sealing Machine Features:

1. High-pression of cap placing, screwing.
2. Simple structure, easy to operate and maintain.
3. Turntable position, easy to change norm, with large adjusting range.
4. Magnetic moment capping head, the tightening can be adjusted, never damage caps.
5. There is supporting equipment in the capping head, to make sure the correction of screwing cap.
6. Send-in and send-out bottle smoothly, frequency speed control
7. Continuous working, finish auto capping, save time, and raise efficiency.
8. The whole machine meet GMP requirement.


Glass Bottle Jar Capping Machine

Technical Parameters:

Suitable diameter of cap
Suitable height of bottle
1500—2000 (bottles/hours)
Suitable shape of bottle
Round bottles, square bottles etc.

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