ST-ZKXG-40 Vacuum Capping Machine Introduction:

ST-ZKXG-40 vacuum capping machine is mainly used for vacuum capping of three, four and six iron caps of glass jars. It uses two belts with different speeds to press the bottle caps. Because the speeds of the two belts are different, the caps must be Rub the cap to tighten it to achieve the purpose of capping. Before automatic capping, blow steam to heat the bottle mouth, blow out the cold air, replace it with high-temperature steam, and cap it immediately. According to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, the steam will naturally form a vacuum in the bottle when it cools down, achieving the goal of vacuum capping. Purpose. The vacuum capping machine can be combined with a thick sauce filling machine, honey filling machine and chili sauce filling machine to form a set of fully automatic filling equipment, which is a powerful helper for modern condiment companies.

ST-ZKXG-40 Vacuum Capping Machine

Vacuum Capping Machine Parameter:

Applicable Bottle Diameter 40~100mm
Applicable Bottle Height 60~260mm
Applicable Lid National standard full range of tinplate claw-type screw-open caps, maximum cap diameter 85mm
Reference Capacity 3000cans per hour
Total Electrical Power 5KW
Recommended Configuration of Vacuum Pump XD-063 single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump
Recommended Configuration of Air Compressor Air pressure 0.7MPa, displacement not less than 0.11 cubic meters
Recommended Volume of Pressure Storage Tank 40liters

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