Surf Cleaner Introduction:

The surf cleaner is a special machine that uses high-pressure wind or water pump pressure to cause violent stirring motion in the water to stir the materials in the water.
The surf cleaning machine is generally suitable for cleaning small and medium-sized fruits and vegetables, such as apples, tomatoes, vegetables, seedlings, mangoes, grapes and other fruits and vegetables, and has a significant water-saving effect.

Structural Features and Working Principle of Surf Cleaning Machine:

The machine consists of a water tank, a hoist, a circulating flushing water pump, a transmission part and other components.
The drain valve is installed at the bottom of the machine. Close the drain valve and feed water into the water tank. When the water reaches a certain position, the water flow will stop.
Start the circulating flushing water pump, turn on the elevator transmission power and start the elevator. After everything runs normally, you can add materials to the water tank for cleaning.

Surf Cleaning Equipment Parameter:

Model ST-CXJ-2 ST-CXJ-5 ST-CXJ-10 ST-CXJ-20
Output(t/h) 1-2 3-5 8-10 15-20
Main Power (kw) 2.2+3+3 2.2+3+5.5 3+3+5.5 4+3+5.5

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