Stone Washer Introduction:

The stone washer is a device for cleaning and processing nuclear contaminants. It is mainly used to clean fruit cores.
The working principle of the core washing machine: After the fruit core enters the inlet of the core washing machine through the outlet of the core removal machine, it is sent into the cavity through the screw propeller. Driven by the scraper at the top of the rotor, it rotates along the inner wall of the screen. Under the action of extrusion friction and centrifugal force, the pulp on the fruit core gradually goes out through the mesh holes of the screen, while the core is discharged from the bottom outlet in a spiral trajectory at a certain angle.


Use of soft blade, complete protection stone, stone cleanliness high, full frame welded structure, the overall rigidity, vibration;
Tambour and spindle uses a unique structural design, making the screen extremely easy disassembly cleaning;
Configure automatic clean interface, built multi-angle spray, cleaning, high degree of automation;
All stainless steel, meet the food industry standards.

Stone Washer Parameter:

Model ST-XHJ-2 ST-XHJ-5 ST-XHJ-10
Capacity(t/h) ≤2 5 10
Power(kw) 4 18.5 30
Overall Dimensions(mm) 1500*500*1375 1800*910*2050 2300*1210*2050

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