Brush Peeler and Cleaner Introduction:

The brush peeler and cleaner is a piece of equipment designed for cleaning and peeling various rhizome fruits and vegetables, and spherical fruits and vegetables. Food-grade brushes are used for transportation and cleaning. The rotating brush is equipped with high-pressure spray, which has good cleaning effect and can thoroughly clean the stains on the surface of fruits and vegetables.
The working principle of the brush cleaning and peeling machine: driven by the motor, it rolls in a relatively reverse direction and directly contacts the product to generate friction to achieve the effect of peeling and cleaning. It is designed with an automatic spray nozzle that can be peeled and rinsed at the same time to achieve the effect of product cleaning and peeling.

Brush Peeler and Cleaner

This machine consists of two brush rollers with different soft and hard lengths. The brush roller with harder silk texture can achieve the peeling effect of root fruits and vegetables; the brush roller with soft silk texture can achieve waxing and polishing of fruits and vegetables. role. The materials are poured into the cleaning machine and are fully dispersed, tumbling, rubbed and cleaned under the action of high-pressure water flow and rolling brushes. The sediment and shavings eluted from the surface of the material are directly washed by the water flow and fall into the dust collection box of the equipment, and are discharged through large-diameter pipes.
Brush cleaning peeling machine is mainly composed of motor, gearbox, wool roller, is learned our company at home and abroad for the root of the characteristics of potato processing machinery design and manufacture, using brush principle, widely used in round, oval fruits and vegetables such as carrots, sweet potatoes, potatoes, kiwi fruit root tuber crops such as vegetables, washing, peeling. The cleaning and peeling machine has beautiful appearance and convenient operation, cleaning peeling of large volume, high efficiency, energy consumption is small, can continuous washing, simple operation, long service life, etc, cleaning roller is after the special craft processing high-temperature nylon brush winding roller, peeling for hard material, both durable, wear-resisting performance is quite good. Brush roll in rotating at the same time, the whole body swing actions make the material more fully to clean.


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