Brush Cleaner Introduction:

Brush cleaner is suitable for cleaning the surface of fruits and vegetables can effectively remove dust from the surface of fruits and vegetables, pesticide residues, etc.
Fruits and vegetables by the procedures before lifting or transporting equipment away hair brushing fruit machine effectively thorough surface cleaning, and then into the next process.

Brush Cleaner

Brush Cleaner Features:

All stainless steel, in line with national food hygiene standards.
Whole structure, reasonable design, simple and practical, the use of FMC brush transmission structure;
Pipe with high-pressure spray cleaning, manual means to catch the fruit, easy to operate;
Frame welded structure, durable, smooth operation of the machine, no noise;
Imported high-temperature nylon, durable and will not appear inverted hair phenomenon;
Wavy brush roller uses a unique design, the fruit can get the front row 360 degrees completely cleaned more effectively remove contaminations fruit surtace.

Brush Cleaning Machine Parameter:

Model ST-MXJ-2 ST-MXJ-5 ST-MXJ-10 ST-MXJ-20
Output(t/h) 1-2 3-5 8-10 15-20
Width(mm) 500 800 1000 1200

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