The spicy beef sauce filling machine is a new generation of filling machine developed by Sunter to meet market demand and introduce advanced foreign technology. The machine adopts advanced technology and integrates machine, electricity and gas. During the filling process; the solids of the material and the oil are not separated and the mixture is kept in a good state. So that the material is evenly filled into the bottle. The filling volume is controlled by a gravity sensor; with high filling accuracy, long service life, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance. Sunter Machinery is a professional filling machine production line equipment manufacturer. The complete set of spicy beef sauce filling machine is suitable for spicy beef sauce, tempeh sauce, beef sauce, mushroom sauce, seafood sauce, flavored tempeh, spicy sauce, fresh pepper Sauce, sweet noodle sauce, bean sauce, thick sauce, garlic sauce, mushroom beef sauce, garlic chili sauce, shacha sauce, mushroom sauce, white mushroom sauce, chopped pepper sauce, etc. for filling with solid particles. The complete set of filling equipment has a good price and free filling technical consultation.

Spicy Beef Sauce Filling Machine


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