Introduction of Sweet Noodle Sauce Filling Machine:

The Sweet Noodle Sauce Filling Machine adopts a positive displacement plunger pump driven by a servo motor to perform filling; and the filling amount is controlled by a gravity sensor. The filling accuracy is extremely high, the service life is long, and the high temperature, acid and alkali resistance. Electricity and gas integration.It can be combined with capping machine, tunnel sterilization oven, bottle washing Machines, labeling machines and other equipment form a production line, in line with GMP requirements.

Sweet Noodle Sauce Filling Machine-1

Technical Parameters:

Applicable spece
Production ability
1000-2500 bottles/hour
Filling error
acuities ± 2% standard outfit quantity
380/220v 50/60Hz
Electricity power
Requirements compressed air pressure
0.4 ~ 0.6 Mpa
Speed control
frequency control
LAN noise
50dB acuities
Machine weight
about 600Kg
Machine dimension
2440 x 1200 x 1800 (mm)

Sweet Noodle Sauce Filling Machine Features:

1. This Machine adopt the piston type metering pump to filling; the pump structure using quick-connect disassembly mechanism, easy to clean and disinfect;
2. Piston type metering pump piston rings made of tetrafluoroethylene;
3. PLC control system, frequency control, full automation;
4. It is easy to adjust the filling amount, can be slightly adjusted for each metering pump; easy to operate, fast adjustment;
5. With agitate in the tank, it will stir the material clockwise and counterclockwise direction;
6. Filling cylinder adopts rotary valve type piston pump to effectively prevent wire drawing and drip;
7. To ensure the bottles and filling nozzles are in the correct position, we add a special bottles position device to make the whole filling process smooth and stable. No bottle no filling.
8. The feed tank adopts double-jacket hopper with stirring.


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