Eye Drops Production Line Introduction:

The eye drops production line is composed of six main parts: unscramble bottles; conveying, sterile purified gas washing bottles, filling, inserting inner plugs, and screwing outer caps. The eye drops filling line is mainly used to complete the procedures of unscramble; infusion, air washing, metering and filling, plugging, capping, and screwing of eye drops bottles.

Eye Drops Production Line


Outer Feature: outer material is stainless steel, dull polished. The whole line is good in appearance, easy to clean. It complies with gmp regulations and can be suitable for several bottle specs.

Structure Feature: bottle arranging→water filling→compressed air→wfi →wfi→compressed air→compressed air→tunnel oven preheating→high temperature drying→cooling→bottle feeding→filling→stopper-adding→cap-adding→cap-sealing→labeling→to the n ext process.

Filling Dosage Feature: no dripping, no forming and no spitting.

Performance Feature: running is stable, noise is low, filling is precise, energy consumption is low, qualified product ratio is high.

Performance Feature: the whole line can single machine control or interlock control. Washing machine 3 water and 3 air ensure washing effect; tunnel oven high temperature ensure drying bottles; peristaltic filling pump ensure filling precision; cap-screwing machine ensure sealing effect; labeling machine pneumatic coding ensure labeling speed.

Comply with GMP requirements. Contact part is made of SS316L, silicone rubber or PTFE material which is easy to clean and without contamination.

Eye Drops Production Line-1

The unique vial straightening, purging, filling, plugging, cap placement and capping multi-function integrated machine design reduces the land area of the production line, minimize the purification space and greatly reduces the production purification cost.

In the operation of the equipment, the application of a large number of servo control systems increases the stability of the process and greatly increases the product qualification rate. The provision of efficient energy-saving frequency converters enables the motors to realize stepless speed regulation and to reduce the energy consumption greatly.

High-performance polyformaldehyde with good heat resistance, wear resistance, and self-lubricating performance is applied to the components contacting packing materials at a large amount, which can effectively reduce the wear during motion and reduce the replacement of wear parts.

The equipment is provided with switching procedures and certain track heights can be adjusted to adjust the specification and reduce artificial adjusting, cleaning and specification replacement time.

The starting current starting torque are low, and the power factor within the whole speed range is high.


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