Pork Sauce Production Line Features:

1. Pork Sauce Production Line adopts the piston type metering pump to filling the pump structure using quick-connect disassembly mechanism, easy to clean and disinfect;
2. Piston type metering pump piston rings made of tetrafluoroethylene;
3. PLC control system, frequency control, full automation;
4. pork sauce filling machine is easy to adjust the filling amount, can be slightly adjusted for each metering pump; easy to operate, fast adjustment;

Pork Sauce Production Line

5. With agitate in the tank, it will stir the material clockwise and counterclockwise direction;
6. Filling cylinder adopts rotary valve type piston pump to effectively prevent wire drawing and drip;
7. To ensure the bottles and filling nozzles are in the correct position, we add a special bottles position device to make the whole filling process smooth and stable. No bottle no filling,
8. The feed tank adopts double-jacket hopper with stirring.

pork Sauce Filling Production Line Technical Meters:

Model ST-GZ-5
Filling Heads 5
Applicable Spece 50~1000g
Production Ability 1500-2000 Bottles/Hour
Filling Accuracy < ±1%
Power 380V
Electricity Power 3.5 KW
Requirements Compressed Air Pressure 0.4-0.6 Mpa
Speed Control Frequency Control
LAN Noise 50dB Acuities
Machine Dimension 2200×1200×2300 (mm)

Pork Sauce Filling Line Details:

Chili Sauce Bottle Unscrambler

1. pork Sauce Bottle Unscrambler

The pork sauce bottle unscrambler is to disperse the plastic bottles in a messy situation and arrange the bottles neatly and stand on the conveyor belt regularly to meet the requirements of high automation. Its function is to sort the messy stacked beverage bottles. , And make it orderly and directionally arranged on the conveyor belt, high-speed and efficient transmission to other machinery for the next process (such as filling, labeling, boxing, etc.) to improve the production efficiency of the entire production line.

2. pork Sauce Rotary Bottle Washing Machine

The pork sauce rotary bottle washing machine adopts a rotary type, and both sides work at the same time. After the bottle enters the inner brush, the inner brush plate drives the bottle to rotate. The bottom of the bottle is equipped with a fixed bottom brush, and there are rotating outer brushes around it, and there is a water spray head. While brushing the inside of the bottle, the outside, bottom and mouth of the bottle can be cleaned at the same time, so as to achieve the purpose of one-time brushing and cleaning. , And can wash all kinds of special-shaped bottles. Rotary bottle washing machine is suitable for ketchup filling, pickle filling machine, chili sauce filling machine, pork sauce filling machine and other filling equipment supporting machinery.

Rotary Bottle Washing Machine
Chili Sauce Tunnel Type Hot Air Circulation Sterilization Oven

3. pork Sauce Tunnel Type Hot Air Circulation Sterilization Oven

The pork sauce tunnel-type hot-air sterilization oven is mainly used for the sterilization and drying of glass bottles and plastic bottles. After cleaning, the clean empty bottles are sent to the bottle pusher by the conveyor line. After the bottles on the bottle pusher are full, the bottle pusher is pushed into the tunnel oven. The oven is divided into three areas: initial temperature, high temperature, and cooling, with medium efficiency ,High efficiency filter.
The machine adopts the principle of air purification and quartz tube infrared heating technology to heat and sterilize the bottles. The entrance and exit of the tunnel are protected by purified air to form an air curtain at the tunnel entrance to prevent outside air pollution. The whole machine meets GMP requirements.

4. pork sauce filling machine

The pork sauce filling machine adopts the volumetric measurement method, so that the filling accuracy can reach ±1%, and there is no need to adjust the system due to frequent temperature changes. When filling, extend the filling head into the bottle so that the liquid material will not splash out. The filling nozzle rises slowly with the liquid level. The filling head has a special locking device to prevent the filling nozzle from dripping after filling.
The pork sauce filling machine has fast cleaning, fast adjustment, and stepless speed regulation of volumetric metering pump action. The whole line adopts an intelligent control system. Adjusting the filling volume or changing varieties only needs to be set on the touch screen.

Pork Sauce filling machine
Capping Machine

5. pork Sauce Capping Machine

pork sauce automatic capping machine is mainly used for vacuum capping of three, four and six iron caps of glass jars. Two belts with different speeds are used to press the caps. Because the speeds of the two belts are different, the caps are rubbed and closed. Tightly achieve the purpose of screw capping. Blow steam to heat the bottle mouth before automatic capping, blow off the cold air, replace with high-temperature steam, and screw the cap immediately. According to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, the vacuum in the bottle will naturally form when the steam cools down, and the vacuum capping is achieved. purpose.

6. pork Sauce Labeling Machine

pork sauce labeling machine is mainly used for surface labeling of various round or square bottles. The labeling process is stable and reliable. It can make the self-adhesive label on the side of the bottle flat, and stamp the production date, production batch number, and other The structure is simple, concise and reasonable. It has a multi-channel control system. In case of bottle shortage, the control system will no longer send out the label paper, which effectively prevents the waste of label paper, and has protection functions such as automatic shutdown of label or label failure.

Chili Sauce Labeling Machine
Automatic Chili Sauce Opening Packing Sealing Machine

7. Automatic pork Sauce Opening, Packing, Sealing Machine

The fully automatic pork sauce unpacking, packing and sealing unit is composed of unpacking machine, packing machine, and sealing machine. It adopts modular design and has the characteristics of compact structure, convenient adjustment and wide applicability, which can meet the needs of small The high-speed packaging production line needs to be matched.



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