Sunter Machinery is a professional filling machine production line equipment manufacturer. The blueberry sauce filling machine is widely used in the filling production of blueberry sauce, apple sauce, lemon sauce and other jams. There are a variety of filling volumes to choose from. The complete set of filling equipment has a good price and free filling technical consultation.
The blueberry sauce filling production line is a new type of filling machine developed by our company with reference to foreign advanced technology. It adopts piston metering, integrates electromechanical and pneumatic, and is controlled by PLC. It has compact structure, reasonable design, accurate filling, stable and reliable operation, and work Features such as high efficiency and long service life.
The machine can form a production line with the bottle washing machine, tunnel sterilization oven, capping machine, labeling machine and other equipment.

Blueberry Sauce Filling Machine

Features of Blueberry Sauce Filling Machine:

1. It is made of stainless steel, which is in contact with the material and fully conforms to the GMP standard;
2. Fast live connection, convenient and quick to disassemble and wash;
3. The filling volume and filling speed are easily adjustable; and can be easily adjusted by changing bottles of different specifications and shapes, without replacing parts;
4. The filling head of the machine is equipped with a leak-proof device, and there is no wire drawing or dripping in the filling shape.


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