Introduction to High Pressure Air Knife Dryer:

The high-pressure air knife dryer adopts a three-stage air drying structure. The air drying system combines three sets of high-pressure fans and air knives to form high-speed cutting hot air, which can effectively dry the water in the bottle and is suitable for residual water in the bottle after washing. The beads are air-dried to facilitate labeling by the back-end labeling machine. The air knife dryer can be widely used in food, beverages, condiments, sauces, pickles, etc. It is suitable for oil pepper filling machines, mustard filling machines, thick sauce filling machines, tomato sauce filling, and mushroom sauce filling. Supporting machinery for filling equipment such as filling machines and pickle filling machines.

High Pressure Air Knife Dryer

Air Knife Dryer Parameter:

Voltage AC380V/50HZ
Power 17KW
Bottle Washing Speed 80-100 Bottle/min
Scope of Application Various Bottle Types
Dimensions 2500×800×1800mm
Number of Wind Knives 3 Groups

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