Main Usage:

There-dimemsional swing mixer machine is widely applied for the mixing of powder material by pharmacy, chemical, and foodstuff industries, as well as for the quick and even mixing of various materials in different granules size and gravity.

Swing mixing machine is suitable for mixing dry powder materials in pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. It is mainly used for mixing materials with different proportions and fineness evenly and quickly. SBH three-dimensional swing mixer enjoys the advantages of steady operation, low noise, high loading coefficient and short mixing time. It utilizes unique strong alternative pulse to promote and mix materials successively.

There-dimemsional Swing Mixer


With its unique three-dimension swing, parallel moving, and rolling methods;this mixer can generate a strong pulse movement to push forward and to mix the target materials continuously, The excellent mixing effects are the result of its changeable vortex movement that possesses the energy grads inside. There-dimemsional swing mixer also has the merits of smooth running, low noise, high loading quotiety, and short mixing time as well.


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