Main Usage:

Barrel-Shaped Pre-mixer is widely applied by the mixing of dry powder in the industries of medicine, foodstuff, chemical, electronics etc, specially for the target materials with the demand of high equality and the large difference in proportion.

The Barrel-Shaped Pre-mixer separates the drying process from the mixing process; thereby providing a very reliable tool to be used for the purpose of recycling reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP). With a Double Barrel X system, a plant can process both warm and hot asphalt mixes with up to 50% RAP content while maintaining zero opacity at the stack.

The technology allows for RAP to be pre-conditioned through the external part of the DBX dryer; flashing off moisture in the drum, thus eliminating the problems associated with scavenger systems.

Barrel-Shaped Pre-mixer


Barrel-Shaped Pre-mixer features compact structure, easy cleaning, dismantling and assembling, small floor occupancy, and high mixing efficiency etc.


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