Main Usage:

Through-shaped mixer is suitable for the mixing of target materials in powder or paste state evenly.

Main Application:

Wide used for mixing powder or wet raw materials, even paste and can make the main and auxiliary raw materials with different proportion uniform.It is wide used in pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff and so on.

Working Principle:

1. This machine uses two motors, a stirring motor; which drives the mixing paddle to rotate the mixture material through the shaft. A discharge motor can be used to tilt the stirring tank to facilitate unloading.
2. There are one-way thrust ball bearings and radial thrust ball bearings at both ends of the stirring shaft to prevent radial turbulence caused by negative stress.
3. The sealing at both ends of the mixing shaft has been improved, and it can be completely sealed without contaminant material.
4. When jogging is used, it is easy to discharge; and it will not cause the phenomenon that the hopper tilts too much. The left end of the machine rotates. Because the worm wheel and the worm drive have self-locking effect, the mixing box can be dumped at any angle. .
5. Add the raw material to the cylinder at one time, dry it for a period of time, add the adhesive or spray the liquid, or add the raw material and the adhesive to the working container at one time, and mix it into the ideal soft material.

Through-shaped Mixer


By driving of mechanism of the mixer, the -type stir palm truns the target materials to -and fro to mix through-shaped mixer evevly.


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