Spiral Juicing Machine Introduction:

Spiral juicing machine is mainly used for liquid squeezed fruit and vegetable juices. The main components of this device is a spiral along the direction of the bottom bagasse outlet diameter gradually increased and decreased pitch, propeller when the material is due to the shrinking size of the spiral cavity is formed on the material squeezing.
Feedstock into hopper, under pressure screw propulsion, the juice squeezed through the filter into the bottom of the juice is filled, and the annular gap between the waste material is formed by the tapered portion of the spiral and surge discharged the size of the head of the regulator’s move axially adjustable gap, adjust the juice yield.

Spiral Juicing Machine Parameter:

Model ST-LZ-15 ST-LZ-25
Product Capacity(T/H) 1.5 2.5
Power(kw) 4 7.5
Overall Dimensions(mm) 1560*450*1340 1800*600*1500

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