Jacket Concentration Pot with Mixer Introduction:

The jacket concentration pot with mixer is a single-effect intermittent vacuum concentrator, suitable for mixing and concentration of heat sensitive materials (such as fruit jams, fruit pulps and other materials with bad fluidity) under vacuum and low temperature, so as to reach the effect of concentrating fruit pulps and fruit jams.
Evaporating temperature: 50 ~ 55C
Steam pressure:≤0.15MPa
Type: jacket blending type
Vacuum degree: -0.083~0.0906MPa

Jacket Concentration Pot with Mixer Parameter:

Model ST-NS-300 ST-NS-500 ST-NS-1000
Evaporation 300 500 1000
Circulating Water Consumption 12 19.3 39
Steam Consumption 340 580 1130
Total Capacity Installed 6.6 8.6 9

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