Vacuum Soaking Pot Introduction:

The vacuum soaking pot for fruits and vegetables is used for impregnation of fruits and vegetables in a vacuum state. Its working principle is to use a vacuum pump to extract the air in the kettle so that the vacuum degree in the kettle reaches -0.086MPa, and then use a steam pressure ≤0.1MPa through the jacket. The material is impregnated. The volume of the fruit and vegetable vacuum sealing kettle is 600L, the cooling water temperature is ≤20°C, and the vacuum pump power is 4Kw.
The fruits and vegetables processed by the fruit and vegetable vacuum sealing kettle can effectively extend the shelf life, improve the taste and color of the fruits and vegetables, and at the same time inhibit the growth of microorganisms and prevent spoilage.

Mainly applied to materials impregnated in a vacuum;
Degree of vacuum tank body -0.086MPa;
Preserved fruit production is one of the main equipment.


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