Spiral Continuous Pre-boiling Machine Introduction:

Spiral continuous pre-boiling machine is suitable to continuous pre-boiling of fruit and vegetable with small appearance or those having been crushed, so as to achieve the purposes of killing enzyme and softening.
Complete stainless steel structure, material feeding through the spiral, provided with safety heat perseveration layer.
Water soluble continuous steam boiling and the materials are scraped off through the specially made material turning scraper.
Pre-boiling temperature: 100℃

Spiral Continuous Pre-boiling Machine Parameter:

Model ST-LYJ-1.5 ST-LYJ-2.5 ST-LYJ-2A ST-LYJ-5
Production Capacity(t/h) 1.5 2.5 2 5
Power(kw) 2.2 3 4 4
Overall Dimensions(mm) 3600*700*1650 4600*700*1650 6790*1000*2200 8500*860*1800

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