Screw Pump Introduction:

Single screw pump belongs to a positive displacement pump. Its main working parts is by conveying groove, spiral axis, eccentric screw (rotor) of helix and the inner surface is double helical surface screw bushing (lining of the stator) and so on several parts.
Its working principle is: when the motor drive the screw axis rotation, medium under the action of screw were forced to promote, formed by screw and screw bushing into the sealedcavity. Screw each week, forward a pitch, the liquids in the seal chamber with continuous rotation of the screw, liquid with a spiral from a sealed cavity pressure to another seal cavity, finally out of the pump body.

Screw Pump Parameter:

Model ST-HGF40-1 ST-HGF70-1 ST-HGF80-1
Capacity(t/h) 5 10 25
Power(kw) 3 5.5 11
Overall Dimensions(mm) 2000*420*370 2200*450*370 2800*450*550

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