Rolling Rod Fruit Sorting Machine Introduction:

The rolling rod fruit sorting machine is a device that sorts fruits according to their weight and size. The roller-type fruit sorting machine consists of two upper and lower rollers. The upper roller is driven by a motor, and the lower roller is composed of a support frame and a connecting frame. There is a certain gap between the upper roller and the lower roller. When the fruit falls from the upper roller to the lower roller, different landing points will be selected according to its weight and size, and then it will be sent to the corresponding collector through the conveyor belt.
The roller-type fruit sorting machine has a simple structure, easy operation, high sorting efficiency and good sorting effect. It is widely used in sorting various fruits.

Rolling Rod Fruit Sorting Equipment Parameter:

Model ST-GXJ-500 ST-GXJ-800 ST-GXJ-1000 ST-GXJ-1200
Output(t/h) 1-5 5-10 10-15 25
Belt Width(mm) 500 800 1000 1200

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