Roller Dryer Introduction:

Roller dryer is widely used in rice, cereals, α starch, potato, purple sweet potato, pumpkin whole powder dry food. Finished flaky, powdery and granular.
In the middle of the main roller pass into saturated steam (or thermal oil), the coating material in different ways in the roller surface, it is heated, and aging leather. Special scraper conveyor after it scraped off after the procedure to deal with the finished product. Roller dryer host comprises: a main roller, roller deputy, power plant and electrical control system, lubrication system, shovel (scraper) blade bodies, fabrics and exhaust mechanism, the early crushing and conveyor main frame and console, etc. The mashed potatoes made good by pumping to be on a roll drum dryer, the moisture control in 10%. After the scraper by a large sheet of material scraped dried, crushed and sieved through a 2-8 mm into flakes.


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