Reagent Filling Production Line

Reagent Filling Production Line Introduction:

The reagent filling production line is composed of an ultrasonic bottle washing machine, a tunnel-type hot air circulation sterilization oven, and an reagent filling and capping machine. The reagent filling machine is suitable for the production of oral liquid bottles with different specifications such as 2-25ml.

Reagent Filling Machine

The reagent filling line can complete the linkage operation of the process steps of ampoule spraying, ultrasonic cleaning, flushing, inflation, drying and sterilization, cooling, filling, and capping in the production of drugs. The reagent filling production line produced by Sunter is suitable for the filling production of oral liquids, reagents, syrups and other tube products.

Reagent Filling Line Reagent Production Line

Reagent Filling Line Plane Installation Drawing:

Reagent Filling Machine

Reagent Filling Line Process Flow:

Reagent Filling Machine

Reagent Production Line Parameter:

Applicable Specifications 5-25
Production Capacity 350
Filling Accuracy ≤±2.5
Number of Filling Heads 16
Number of Capping Heads Single Pole 20 Heads
Pass Rate of Capping ≥99
Total Weight 7500

Reagent Production Line Details:

Ultrasonic Bottle Washing Machine 1、ST-LS-80 Series Reagent Vertical Ultrasonic Bottle Washer

The vertical ultrasonic bottle washing machine for reagent is a new product successfully developed by our company after years of hard work, digesting and absorbing foreign technology, and combining with my country’s national conditions. This product has advanced technology, simple structure, stable and reliable operation, low noise, easy operation and easy cleaning. It is suitable for cleaning control bottles or molded antibiotic bottles in pharmaceutical factories, and can also be used for cleaning injection ampoules or oral liquid bottles.
According to customer needs, it can also be equipped with: Siemens, Schneider, Mitsubishi, Delta and other brand control systems; water, air pressure, water temperature and ultrasonic intensity, dust particles, wind speed online detection, alarm, recording, and printing systems.
2、ST-SDHX-3500 Reagent Tunnel Hot Air Circulation Sterilization Oven

The reagent tunnel-type hot-air circulation sterilization oven is an integral tunnel-type structure, divided into three parts: a preheating zone, a high-temperature sterilization zone, and a cooling zone. The hot-air laminar flow disinfection principle is used to sterilize the container for a short time. It is suitable for drying and sterilizing ampoules, antibiotic bottles, oral liquid bottles, and also for drying and sterilizing other medicinal glass bottles.
The machine adopts the advanced PLCAtf1 interface control system, controlled by the man-machine interface, in addition to monitoring the working conditions of the machine and ensuring the requirements of the production process, it can also implement joint control of the working conditions with the cleaning equipment and potting equipment to display the cause, location and Simple elimination methods, etc. And it can also automatically record temperature and graphs.
Circulating Sterilization Oven
Automatic Bottle Unscrambler

3、ST-LP Automatic Reagent Bottle Unscrambler

The automatic bottle unscrambler for reagent is suitable for automatic unscrambled plastic bottles in the pharmaceutical industry. The structure of this model is reasonable. Suitable for round bottles of 5ml to 200ml; the exterior of the unscrambler is made of 304 stainless steel; the whole machine meets GMP requirements. The machine has stable transmission and no air source pollution. When working, the noise is low, the loss is low, the work is stable, and the output is stable. This machine has the functions of a bottle unscrambler with more bottles, a bottle unscrambler with more bottles, an unscrambler with fewer bottles, and a bottle picker with fewer bottles. Can be interconnected with supporting equipment.

4、Reagent Filling Machine

Reagent filling machine is a special equipment for pharmaceutical and health food industries. Automatic reagent filling machine The filling machine has stable quality and easy operation. It is suitable for the filling production of various 5ml-25ml molded or controlled oral liquid bottles and test tubes.

 Reagent Filling Machine
Capping Machine

5、ST-KFY-16 Series Reagent Capping Machine

The reagent capping machine is suitable for 5ml-25ml moulded or controlled oral liquid bottles. It is a special equipment for pharmaceutical and health food industries. It can be used independently or combined with the vertical ultrasonic bottle washer and tunnel sterilization and drying equipment produced by our company to form a washing, drying, filling and capping linkage line to realize the automation of reagent filling and capping production. The machine can automatically complete the processes of bottle feeding, bottle unscramble, bottle feeding, filling, cap dropping, cap rolling and bottle out.

6、ST-TB-WS Reagent Horizontal Labeling Machine

Reagent labeling machine is suitable for labeling round tube products and round objects in various industries. It adopts stepping or servo motor control, imported touch screen, accurate labeling, small error and high efficiency. Equipped with fault and numerical alarm device (optional), connected to the printer can output shift production records, and can automatically monitor the production status.

Labeling Machine

Reagent Filling Line Video: