Introduction of Reagent Filling Machine:

The reagent filling machine is suitable for small batch production in hospital preparation rooms, pharmaceutical factories, veterinary medicine factories, beverage factories, daily chemical factories, laboratories and other small and medium-sized enterprises. Reagent filling equipment can fill: eye drops, ampoules, vials, various oral liquids, reagents, cooking oil, honey, shampoo, chemical products, veterinary drugs, pesticides, etc. The reagent filling machine is mainly used for filling electronic cigarette oil, eye drops, nail polish, eye shadow, essential oil within 20-50ml.

Reagent Filling Machine

Features of Reagent Filling Machines:

1. Work flow: unscramble bottle/feed bottle→wash bottle (optional)→fill→add dropper/(add inner plug–upper cover)→screw cap→label/sleeve (optional)→print Code/spray code (optional) → into the box (optional).
2. The reagent filling machinery uses a manipulator to screw the cap and is equipped with an automatic sliding device to prevent damage to the cap.
3. Peristaltic pump or piston pump filling, accurate measurement and convenient operation.
4. The filling system has a suck back function, and the liquid has no dripping.

Reagent Filling Machine
5. Man-machine interface operation, PLC control system; no bottle no filling (only peristaltic pump) / no inner plug / no outer cover.
6. The reagent filling line is small, exquisite, fast, and highly automated, which greatly saves labor costs.
7. The shell of the reagent filling equipment is made of 304 stainless steel, easy to clean, and the machine meets GMP requirements.
8. The main electrical components of this machine adopt well-known foreign brands.


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