Lifter Introduction:

The lifter mainly used for agricultural and sideline products deep processing of materials in the process of ascension, especially food processing industry. Hoist scraper is divided into folding structure and hinge structure. The fruit and vegetable lifter is a continuous lifting and conveying equipment. Its main purpose is to lift and convey vegetables and fruits. The specifications and main technical parameters of the lifting machine can be adjusted according to customer requirements. The lifter is suitable for transmission and cleaning of various canned fruits and vegetables before production.

The lifting equipment is made of high-quality stainless steel, with low failure rate and long service life; the main structure is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, and the conveyor belt is made of stainless steel or PVC. The speed is adjustable, the working speed range is wide, the conveying distance is long, and it is harmless to the materials. Damage, continuous and stable operation, light and simple structure, easy maintenance.

lifting Machinery Features:

The frame adopts overall welding structure, good rigidity, beautiful appearance;
The frame for 304 stainless steel material manufacturing, in line with food hygiene standards:
On both sides for synchronous chain to ensure smooth material to ascend:
The equipment is sin ple, convenient use and maintenance: Smooth running, low noise, low failure rate;
It is mainly used for assembly line to reduce the intensity of labor.

lifting Machinery Parameter:

Model ST-BSJ-500 ST-BSJ-800 ST-BSJ-1000 ST-BSJ-1200
Output(t/h) 1-5 5-10 10-15 25
Width(mm) 500 800 1000 1200

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