Engineering Plastics Scraper Lifter Introduction:

Engineering plastic scraper lifter is a kind of conveying equipment widely used in industry. Its main structure includes frame, driving device, scraper chain, head wheel device, tail wheel device, guide rail, etc.

Engineering Plastics Scraper Lifter

Features of Engineering Plastic Scraper Lift:

It has simple structure, easy maintenance, safety and reliability.
The main components such as the traction chain, head wheel device, and tail wheel device are made of engineering plastics, which are corrosion-resistant, easy to clean, safe and hygienic.
The traction chain is driven by sprockets, which can continuously transport materials with high efficiency.
The head wheel device and tail wheel device are made of wear-resistant materials to ensure long-term use of the equipment.
Scraper lifts can be used in different working environments, such as warehouses, logistics distribution, commercial buildings, etc.

Engineering Plastics Scraper Lifting Machine Parameter:

Model ST-BSJ-500 ST-BSJ-800 ST-BSJ-1000 ST-BSJ-1200
Output(t/h) 1-5 5-10 10-15 25
Width(mm) 500 800 1000 1200

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