Drupe Friuts Cold Stoning Unit Introduction:

The drupe friuts cold stoning unit machine is mainly used to stone peach and apricot etc. drupe fruits under normal temperature. It is one of the key devices on the jam production line of drupe fruits.
The cores of peach and apricot are stoned through the rotary gear roller and glue roller so that block pulp of fruit is achieved. The interval between two rollers depend on different fruits. The fruit is sent into the material feeding hopper through the front-stage device. The crank connecting rod mechanism will drive the fruit pressing board to press the fruit into the middle of the two rollers. The two rollers rotate toward each other and most of the pulp will be pressed into the gap of gear roller. The core is extruded into the elastic glue roller and the pulp can be dug out from the interval of gear disc by the comb plate. The core with pulp will enter into the core washing part to make the pulp and the core separated.


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