Cold Pulping Machine Introduction:

The cold pulping machine is widely used in the production of tomato sauce, strawberry sauce, kiwi sauce, crushed raspberry juice isolated pome, berry fruits and vegetables take pulp.

Cold Pulping Machine
Traditional fruit juice processing after the first break, peel, stalk, seeds of fruit pectin, pesticide residues, polyphenol oxidase, peroxidase, pectin methyl enzyme composition poured into the juice, the result is On the one hand increases the difficulty of subsequent separation and purification of the juice, it also makes pomace utilization trouble. Cold beater can simultaneously broken material, the subsequent processing of the pulp and juice influential peel, stems, fruit seeds effective separation, so as to obtain high-quality fruit juice or puree, and reduce application processing costs of materials, improve the utilization efficiency of the peel, pulp, pomace, fruit seeds and other by-products.

Working Principle:

Step on the road to raw fruits and vegetables into the feed auger chamber, raw fruits and vegetables by the screw will advance to the broken bodies, the broken material into the separation chamber beating at high speed rotary dial plate, mesh under the action of the pulp Marc and effective separation. Through the dial plate angle of sieve, the rotational speed of adjustment to the effective separation of different kinds of materials.
Equipment composition: Rack feed conveyor mechanism, grinding mechanism, beating separating mechanism, electrical systems, and other cleaning components.

Equipment Characteristics:

The device is set and fruits and beating in one, completed the separation of flesh and affect product quality and poor composition, content management through fruit polyphenols have a more significant reduction, which reduces the temperature of the purified enzyme required to reduce energy consumption, reduce the risk of enzymatic browning, enhance the color value and stability of the product. Different materials to choose different ways of beating different mesh aperture, you can get the best out of juice rate of a slurry.

Cold Pulping Machine
Compared with the traditional processing system to enhance the brightness and bright yellow hue reduce red hue, the better is the quality of the fruit pulp red rind;
The oxidase activity significantly reduced therefore maintain the natural color of the fruit;
Compared with heat extraction, purification of the enzyme required low temperature;
Completely remove spots and effectively reduce the natural brown spots;
Effectively reducing pesticide residues;
Reducing the amount of processing in the subsequent process, thereby reducing the product residence time within the device.


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