Apricot Halving and Stoning Machine Introduction:

Apricot halving and stoning machine is applied from nuclear apricot processing is one of the main equipment for processing dried fruit preserved.
The apricot halving and pitting machine is a piece of equipment specially used for halving and pitting apricots. It is one of the key equipments for the production of apricot preserves, apricot pulp and apricot jam.
The apricot half-core removal machine is upgraded and improved on the basis of the traditional core removal machine, which greatly improves the work efficiency. At the same time, the body is made of stainless steel, which has stronger performance, longer service life, and parts are not easily damaged. This equipment is a semi-automatic turntable core removal machine, which requires manually placing the apricots on the turntable to complete the core removal effect. The fruit-carrying hole is covered with a silicone cup, which is soft and will not cause damage to the apricot pulp. Moreover, this equipment has a relatively small diameter after removing the core, retaining a lot of pulp, and achieves the characteristics of clean core removal and no residual core.


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