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Paint Coating Filling Machine Introduction:

The paint coating filling machine produced by Sunter Technology is widely used for filling various inks and viscous liquids, such as water-based ink, engine oil, brake fluid and other chemical products. The complete set of paint and coating production line is fast and of high quality.

The paint filling machine adopts PLC control, touch screen operation interface, variable frequency speed regulation, high degree of automation, simple and convenient operation. The frame of the paint filling machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel, and the material passing parts are all 316 stainless steel, and the whole machine complies with GMP standards.

Paint Coating Filling Machine

The paint filling equipment adopts the principle of weighing filling, fast and slow feeding, accurate and stable filling measurement, and can be used for canning materials with different viscosities and densities. It is suitable for filling containers of various specifications and shapes. The paint filling equipment has reasonable design, compact structure, good workmanship, beautiful appearance, and has the advantages of environmental protection, high efficiency, safety, and intelligence. Man-machine interface, directly set the filling volume.


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