5-10L Weighing Filling Production Line Introduction:

The 5-10L weighing filling production line machinery manufactured by Sunter Machinery is widely applicable to weighing and measuring filling of 5-10L. The weighing machinery can automatically complete counting into barrels, weighing and measuring filling, automatic cap sorting, tracking capping machine, automatic labeling Machines, inkjet printers, automatic stackers, palletizers, automatic wrapping and other full-process production.

5-10L Weighing Filling Production Line

Features of Weighing Filling Fquipment:

1. The weighing filling machine adopts rough and fine two-step filling to ensure filling speed and accuracy.
2. Filling is carried out on the liquid surface during filling. No foam will be generated during the filling process. The filling head is designed with a receiving tray. After filling, the receiving tray is extended to prevent the filling head from dripping liquid and polluting the packaging and delivery lines.

3. The touch screen is used to realize man-machine dialogue, with automatic diagnosis function, operation parameter setting, accumulated shift production, working status display, etc., with automatic tare weight, accumulated barrels, weight, random display of filling volume, automatic zero tracking, Automatic correction of drop, alarm function for overrun and abnormal operation, high anti-interference ability and reliable operation.
4. The bottom of the weighing filling machine is equipped with a material receiving tray that can be easily pulled out. The weighing machinery has a discharge pipe valve, so that the stored materials can be easily discharged.

5-10L Weighing Filling Production Line Parameter:

Filling Capacity 800-2000 barrels/hour
Number of filling heads 3/4/6/8
Applicable specifications 25-30L square barrel, round barrel
Filling accuracy ±0.1%
Power power 380V/50Hz;3.5KW
Air source pressure 0.6MPa
Scope of application filling coatings, chemicals, paints and other liquid products

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