Honey Grapefruit Tea Production Line

Honey Grapefruit Tea Production Line:

Honey Grapefruit Tea Production Line suits for vicious liquid,like pure honey,molasses,Concentrated honey citron tea.

Automatic servo honey filling machine has the following advantages: rapid wash,fast adjustment, volumetric pump action stepless,intelligent control with touch control. The honey filling line consists of honey filling machine ,washing machine,tunnel sterilizing,labeling machine and packing machine.

Honey Grapefruit Tea Production Line-1

Concentrated Grapefruit Tea Filling MachineProcess:

1. Controllable and various filling speed.

2. Integrated digital control with Siemens PLC and Hi-tech Touch Screen controls for easy operation.

3. Designed for easy change-over and cleaning.

4.Sturdy conveyer system driven by Panasonic motor. Adjustable conveyor guide rails to accommodate with different products.

5. Bottle holding mechanism for the best position of the bottles before filling action.

6. No bottle-no fill system.

7. Bottle jammed detection.

8. Warning light and buzz alarm to inform operator production error.

9. Filling zone protected by interlock guards for safety registration.

10. Memory slots for storing filling parameters for future operation.

11. Honey filling machine easy to install and operate, it only requires minimum maintenance for maximum performance and a long filler life time.

12. Delicate filler structure and finish comparable with European machines.

13. Volume set can be changed on the touch screen. Filling pistons are controlled by servo system.

14. Individual piston adjustment for fine tuning.

15. Digital control system to enable multiple filling actions on the same bottle for double, triple and more.

16. Concentrated grapefruit tea filling machine with fully automatic rise for nozzles, adjustment can be done on touch screen.

17. Nozzles can set to be above bottle mouth or bottom up, synchronizing with liquid level (beneath or above) to eliminate bubbling of foamy liquids.

Product Details:

The honey grapefruit tea filling production line has equipment such as bottle washing machine, tunnel-type hot air sterilization oven, honey filling machine, labeling machine, boxing system and so on.