Hand Sanitizer Filling Production Line

Hand Sanitizer Filling Production Line Introduction:

The hand sanitizer filling production lines have two types of equipment: rotary type and linear type for customers to choose. The filling volume can be adjusted arbitrarily between 250ML-2000ML. Liquid crystal display, accurate quantification, no dripping during filling. There is an overload clutch protection device at the bottle inlet and outlet wheels, which automatically stops and alarms when encountering abnormal conditions. It is a set of high efficiency and high intelligence detergent filling machine.

This automatic hand sanitizer filling machine is a kind of full anti-corrosion, PLC program control, photoelectric sensor, pneumatic execution, bottle washing, filling, capping and other functions developed by our company. The hand sanitizer filling machines are specially designed for washing corrosive liquid chemicals. Loading production. The hand sanitizer filler has submersible filling function, accurate measurement, no bubbles and no dents during filling. Sunter Machinery is a Manufacturer and Supplier of Hand Sanitizer Filling Production Line in China, The hand sanitizer filling machine has high quality.

Hand Sanitizer Filling Production Line
The automatic hand sanitizer filling line is suitable for liquid, semi-fluid and paste products of different viscosities, and is widely used in the filling of food, cosmetics, medicine, grease, daily chemicals, detergents, pesticides, and chemical industries. Can be used to fill different types of solutions. No need to add any spare parts. The hand sanitizer filling machinery is suitable for viscous liquids such as washing powder, shampoo, hand sanitizer and disinfectant.

Hand Sanitizer Filling Line Parameter:

Model ST-GZ-8
Filling Head 8
Production Capacity 2000-2500 Bottle Per Hour
Power 380V
Voltage 4.5KW
Machine Size 2400×1200×2300(mm)

Hand Sanitizer Production Lines Video: