Grapefruit Tea Complete Filling Machine

Introduction of Grapefruit Tea Complete Filling Machine:

The grapefruit tea complete filling machine is suitable for filling high-viscosity materials. Sunter Machinery is a professional filling machine production line equipment manufacturer. The grapefruit tea complete filling machine is widely used in honey, grapefruit tea; honey grapefruit tea, jam, maltose syrup, fructose syrup, baking syrup, flavored syrup, honey lemon tea. The filling production of honey flower nectar and other products has a variety of filling quantities to choose from. The complete set of filling equipment has a good price and free filling technical consultation.

Grapefruit Tea Complete Filling Machine
The grapefruit tea filling production line is a new type of filling production line developed by Shangte based on the current industry’s requirements for the filling production process of grapefruit tea. It consists of a bottle unscrambler, a bottle washer, a drying sterilizer, a filling machine, and a capping machine Machine and other components. It’s adopts the volumetric measurement method, so that the filling accuracy can reach ±1%, and there is no need to adjust the system due to frequent temperature changes. When filling, extend the filling head into the bottle so that the liquid will not spill out. The filling nozzle will slowly rise with the liquid level. The filling head has a special locking device to prevent the filling nozzle from dripping after filling. .
The grapefruit tea filling production line has fast cleaning, fast adjustment, and stepless speed regulation of the volumetric metering pump action. The whole line adopts an intelligent control system. Adjust the filling volume or change the variety only to set on the touch screen.