Grape Stemmer and Crusher Introduction:

Grape stemmer and crusher can destem, remove and crush grapes. Winery grapes are ideal pre-processing equipment. Main technical characteristics: After the first addition to stem crusher, pulp with a single screw conveyor. It has a variable speed feed screw, enabling quantitative feed. In addition to stem device according to the different grape varieties and adjust the speed of the grape varieties adaptable. Quick opening crushing device, easy to operate. Crushing roller is non-toxic high elastic rubber, grape stones without injury.

Grape Stemmer and Crusher
Whole grapes and the contact portion and the exposed parts of all with high quality stainless steel.

Grape Stemmer and Crusher Parameter:

Model ST-JCP-5 ST-JCP-10 ST-JCP-20 ST-JCP-30 ST-JCP-50
Product Capacity 5-6 7-10 15-20 25-30 45-50
Power(kw) 4.25 8.8 11.6 19.5 20.7
Weight(kg) 578 765 935 1025 1250
Overall Dimensions(mm) 1816*710*1352 2240*864*1574 2590*910*1620 2740*1040*1780 2750*1230*1800

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