Working Method:

The material enters the grinding chamber via the funnel and spiral conveyor where fine grinders is sheared and broken by the fast-rotating blades.The powder passes the guide ring and enters the classification chamber. As the classification wheel is in revolution, both the air force and centrifugal force act on the powder. As the particles whose diameters are greater than the critical diameter (diameter of the classification particles) have a great mass; they are thrown back into the grinding chamber to be ground again; while the particles whose diameters are smaller than the critical diameter enter the cyclone separator; bag-type collector via the material exit pipe by means of negative pressure wind conveyance. The discharge material meets the requirement for the product.

Model Fine Grinders Machine

Main Usage:

Fine grinders machine is made up of three parts:main machine, auxiliary machine and electric control box. Fine grinders has the properties of wind selection, having no sleve or net, and an even granularity of the processed material. The production process going on continuously; model fine grinders equipment can undertake the grinding of chemical products. food.medicine, medicament, cosmetics, plastic,dyestuff, resin, colourant, grain, etc.

Main Merits And Features:

1.The design is compact and structure is reasonable. fine grinders machine is equipped with an internal classification mechanism so that grinding and classification are carried out simultaneously, thus reducing energy consupmtion.

2.Equipped with a draught fan, which dissipates the heat in the machine continuously; Model fine grinders equipment is fit for the grinding of thermal sensitive materials.

3.Having a great adaptability and narrow granularity distribution. The granularity of the product is even and fineness may reach 80-320 mesh.

4.Regulate the speed of the classifier or amount of the air without stopping the machine and evenly distributed products of the required granularity will be obtained.

5.The top cover of the main machine is opened with pneumatic springs and the body is constructed; in such a way that model fine grinders equipment may be opened to two sides so that no hindrance will be met in cleaning and servicing the internal parts.

6.The main grinding parts are made of high-grade alloy tool steel so that the service life or change cycle of the wear parts is greatly lengthened.

7.High-speed precision bearings imported from abroad are adopted for the bearing system so that the whole machine runs smoothly with little vibration and noise.

8.The pipes are of quick-detachment construction, making detachment and cleaning quick and convenient.

9.Equipped with a cyclone separator and a collector, so there is no powder flying during production. The dust collecting bag can effectively collect the fine powder in the air current so as to meet the requirements for cleanness; environmental protection in waste gas discharge.

10.The fine powder collected by the dust collecting bag can be effectively recycled. thus the material loss is reduced.



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