Mustard Filling Machine Introduction:

The mustard filling machine is designed by our company based on the original equipment according to the customer’s bottle shape and requirements.
The mustard filling machine has beautiful appearance, reasonable design and complete structure. It is an ideal equipment for large and medium-sized enterprises to meet large-scale production, high-yield, and low investment. The mustard filling equipment all meet the requirements of the Food Safety Law, and can be operated by a single machine and a host according to customer requirements.

Mustard Filling Machine
The advantages of the mustard filling equipment are: less personnel, electricity saving, safety, easy operation and flexibility.
The main operating principle of the mustard processing equipment: 80% of the parts are mechanically driven, which is stable and not easy to damage.
The main materials of the mustard filling machine: 90% is 304 stainless steel, 8% is carbon steel, and 2% is 316L stainless steel.
The main control of the mustard filling machine equipment: PLC full control, high degree of automation.

Mustard Filling Line Details:


Pickle Bottle Unscrambler

1. Pickle Bottle Unscrambler

Pickle bottle unscrambler is applicable to the automatic transmission of round bottles and square bottles. This bottle unscrambler has smart structure,simple working principle, working steady and reliable.

2. Pickle Bottle Washing Machine

The pickle bottle washing machine absorb in high technology from aboard, by adopting gyration method on rinsing device, it can automatically complete working process from bottle entry, bottle rinsing, water removing to sanitized bottle out.

Pickle Bottle Washing Machine
Pickle Tunnel Type Hot Air Circulation Sterilization Oven

3. Pickle Tunnel Type Hot Air Circulation Sterilization Oven

The pickle tunnel type hot air circulation sterilization oven is used in sterilization and drying for the vials, jars and other glass bottles drying and sterilization. the tunnel is divided into three processing zones which are preheating zone, heating zone and cooling zone.

4. Pickle Filling Machine

1.Filling valve can be customized according to customer’s materials to meet the filling requirements of different customer materials.
2.Equipped with horizontal mixing hopper, the maximum guarantee of uniform material in the filling process, no oil sauce separation, to ensure the accuracy of each bottle filling.
3.The pickle filling equipment greatly shortens the filling distance from the hopper to the filling head in design, and overcomes the material with large oil content (such as: chili oil containing sesame seeds)

Pickle Filling Machine
Pickle Capping Machine

5. Pickle Capping Machine

1. The pickle capping machine is suitable for seasoning, canned food, tomato sauce, sauce, etc., all of which are packaged in the most environmentally friendly glass bottles, and have vacuum in the bottle. Cap closure for higher demand glass bottles.
2. The pickle filling machine is suitable for the screw cap and sealing of round and special-shaped glass bottles. It is the most popular vacuum capping machine on the market, and is the first choice for all food factories and canneries.

6. Pickle Labeling Machine

The technology adopted by the whole machine, the microcomputer-PLC-electronic optical fiber sensor control system makes the whole machine run stably.The pickle labeling machine has a wide application range and can be used for round bottle labeling and rolling type bottles of various sizes, so that the label can be attached more firmly and the front and rear sections can be connected.
Pickle Labeling Machine
Automatic Pickle Opening Packing Sealing Machine

7. Automatic Pickle Opening, Packing, Sealing Machine

This machine combines automatic carton opening,packing,carton fedding and sealing in one. It has the character of compact structure,easy adjusting and widely usage. It can meet the needs of high-speed production line.


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