Chemical Raw Material Filling Machine Introduction:

The chemical raw material filling machine system adopts programmable PLC control. Full Chinese guide operation, and reliable performance;
Automatic conveying, automatic positioning, automatic filling, automatic capping and screwing;
The overall process of the filling gun is made to prevent dripping and splashing. The quick-release joint is easy to disassemble and wash;
Chemical filling equipment adopts anti-corrosion, explosion-proof, acid and alkali-proof design;

Chemical Raw Material Filling Machine
The system target value can be set freely, and the height of the filling gun can be adjusted. The weighing filling equipment is suitable for fast filling of various specifications of packaging barrels;
Equipped with large and small ball valve groups and double-stage filling guns, large, medium, small and micro four-stage filling design, stable filling;
There are signal indicators for instant display, and automatic alarm for out-of-tolerance;
The chemical material filling machine has good stability, reduces loss, saves costs, improves operating efficiency, and reduces manual operation pressure.

Chemical Filling Machine Features:

High degree of automation: The weighing filling machine adopts automatic filling technology. It can realize automatic measurement, filling, sealing, etc. greatly improving production efficiency.
High measurement accuracy: The weighing and filling machine adopts high-precision electronic weighing technology, which can achieve high-precision dynamic measurement and filling of liquid media. Its measurement accuracy is not affected by pressure, temperature, bubbles and other factors.

Chemical Raw Material Filling Machine
Strong adaptability: The weighing filling equipment can adapt to filling containers of various specifications and shapes, and only needs to adjust the parameters of the equipment.
Easy operation: The operation of the weighing machine is very simple. You only need to place the container on the equipment and press the start button to automatically complete the filling process.
High safety: The weighing equipment is equipped with various safety protection devices and emergency stop systems to ensure the safety of operators.
Good environmental protection: The weighing filling machine uses environmentally friendly materials and technology, which can reduce the impact on the environment.

Chemical Filling Machine Parameter:

Filling Capacity 800-2000 barrels/hour
Number of filling heads 3/4/6/8
Applicable specifications 25-30L square barrel, round barrel
Filling accuracy ±0.1%
Power power 380V/50Hz;3.5KW
Air source pressure 0.6MPa
Scope of application filling coatings, chemicals, paints and other liquid products

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